Microsoft Takedown Notice

SharePoint Magazine has received notification from Microsoft's legal department, courtesy of Karen Merker, that any non-licensed use of the name SharePoint is to be considered misuse of Microsoft trademarks. 

SharePoint Magazine has been dormant for approximately a year. During that time, we have been actively, albeit periodically looking at solutions to bringing the hundreds of articles and thousands of community discussions back online. 

The SharePoint community has enjoyed years of support from Microsoft in building online resources, websites, Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, and other community resources. It now seems evident that Microsoft intends to kill off this community by prohibiting the use of the name SharePoint in any page or group names. 

As such, it is with great regret that we hereby officially declare that we will comply with Microsoft's demands and cease operating SharePoint Magazine or any attempt to resurrect the magazine. 

Thank you for your many years of support. 

Update: We cannot say whether or when other sites will be targeted. For questions, we suggest you contact Microsoft's legal division, c/o Karen Merker (+1 425-705-2617) or Andrea M. Sander (+1 425-421-9526).